Braces East Kilbride

Braces for adults and children in East Kilbride

Infinity Smiles have brace options for adults and children in East Kilbride. Infinity Smiles cater for both Adults and children who seek to overcome long-standing tooth problems. Want to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in East Kilbride, then you need braces from Infinity Smiles in East Kilbride.

Dr George Campbell offers the full range of orthodontic and Invisalign braces to children, adults and teenage patients in East Kilbride. If you have smile problems in East Kilbride, such as gaps, overcrowding, underbites, overbites, cross-bites or protrusion, contact the Infinity Smiles to schedule a comprehensive orthodontic consultation so that Dr Campbell can diagnose and administer treatment in East Kilbride to correct these conditions.

Infinity Smiles has seven clinics which can be reached by patients travelling across Ayrshire, Arran, Greater Glasgow, Clyde, and Lanarkshire.

Our practices are situated in East Kilbride, Hamilton, Queen’s Park, Jordanhill, Kilmarnock, Greenock and Cumbernauld. All of our practices cater for both NHS in East Kilbride and private orthodontics in East Kilbride. Infinity Smiles provide both braces for children in East Kilbride and adult braces in East Kilbride.

If you’re looking for teeth straightening in East Kilbride, Metal braces in East Kilbride, Invisible Braces in East Kilbride, Ceramic braces in East Kilbride, Invisalign in East Kilbride, Hidden braces in East Kilbride, Lingual braces in East Kilbride, Incognito braces in East Kilbride, Adult braces in East Kilbride, braces for Children in East Kilbride, Orthodontics in East Kilbride then book a consultation at Infinity Smiles today!