Complaints Policy

Infinity Smiles Complaints Policy

Date: First 15/5/13 Written by: Coral Stone
Reviewed: 15/5/14
Next review date 15/5/16

We aim to deal with complaints promptly, courteously and efficiently. All complaints will be taken seriously and dealt with as follows:

1.The person who deals with complaints in the practice is

Greenock – Carrie Alexander

Queens Park – Ashley Malcolm

Jordanhill – Helen Robertson

Cumbernauld – Claire Kearney

Kilmarnock – Kirsty Burns

Hamilton – Jean Wallace

East Kilbride – Robyn Kennedy

A copy of this complaints policy is available on request – please ask at reception

2. If the complaint is verbal the details will be listened to and resolved immediately by the person above where possible. If you are still not happy we would ask that you put your complaint in writing.

3. Written complaint. Please send these to –

Coral Stone

18 Auchingramont Rd



5. These complaint letters will be acknowledged and investigated fully. We will attempt to acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days. A copy of our Practice complaints policy will be included.

6. We will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing on completion within 10 working days of receipt of complaint. We will inform you if we cannot meet this 10 day time limit, our maximum time limit would be 20 working days.

7. Comprehensive records of all complaints will be retained in our complaints log. These are reviewed at our manager meetings where actions and learnings are recorded. Training as applicable may occur at our monthly workshops for all staff.

8. If patients are not satisfied with our practice policy they can contact the following service providers.

For NHS patients, a complaints procedure brochure can be requested at the practice or contact: Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Freepost EH 641 Edinburgh, EH3 OBR.

For Private patients, please contact the Dental Complaints Service at: Dental Complaints Service, Stephenson House, 2 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon CR0 6BA, or Telephone: 08456 120540.

9. This policy has been adapted to meet the Patients Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 – Feedback, comments, concerns and complaints.